What if I don’t have my Amazon customer’s contact information?

If you don’t have a CSV file of your own, with your customers full name and address, then our ability to connect to ManageByStats could be very useful to you. If you have an active ManageByStats account and use their Chrome Extension, our API connection to their platform will sync the customer data and transaction data with our platform, and give us the information we need to locate your customer’s full names and addresses. And with this functionality in place, you can take advantage of our services in a different way and automate the process. This connection will then also make it possible for you to utilize our subscription services, which you wouldn’t be able to without it.

What’s the difference between a One-Time Append and a subscription?

You’ll notice there are two types of Appends. The distinction is as follows:

  • One-time (or Full) Appends processes all current customer records, or a selection that you make. For example, customers who bought a certain product.
  • Subscriptions run throughout the month (calendar month) and processes all new customer records.The best 1-2 punch is to sign up for a subscription (in order to pull all new customer records going forward), then order a One-Time Append to process all customers from the past.
Does having a Subscription save me money on a One-Time Append?

Yes. There are tiered Subscription plans. Being on a higher plan reduces the per-email or per-phone number cost. If you’re looking to do a subscription and a One-Time Append, see if one of the higher-volume plans works for you.

If so sign up for the Subscription first, then that reduced per-email rate will be applied to the One-Time Append when you order it.

What are the steps for a One-Time Append?

In your account Dashboard, click on One-Time appends in the left-hand menu, and then use the tool to generate a quote. The quote is based on an estimate of how many good emails are expected to be found.

This estimate is based on an average success rate (see next question).

From that point there are two steps:

  1. Click to accept the quote and the system will ask for a payment of half up front.  Making the payment begins the process.
  2. When the process is done the system will ask for payment of the remainder, based on final results. Once the remaining payment is made the real emails and/or phone numbers are inserted into your customer records.
Can I expect results of 50%?

Our success rate is about 45-50%, which means some users might experience less than that, and others might see a higher result.  Our best so far is around 60% good emails returned (good emails were found for 60% of the customer records processed).  However, across all the thousands of Appends we process, 45-50% is the average.

Therefore, do be prepared for the possibility that you could get more than the original estimate (a good thing — that means you get more emails — but it will also mean more emails to pay for), or you could get less than originally estimated.

The average holds true across all Appends, but there is the possibility that you could be one of the outliers.

Note, for phone numbers the average is 30-35%.

How long does the process take?

As soon as you place your order for a One-Time Append the process begins, and takes a day or two to complete, depending on the size of the file.

Once the process completes, how do I get my Real Emails?

After you’ve made the final payment the real emails and/or phone numbers are inserted into your customer records if you are on a subscription plan and we store the database. If you are just processing a CSV file that you have sent us, then we will just email the file back to you when done.

If you are a subscriber, then you can see the records under Customers, and you can generate a customer list under Generate Customer List.

The best way to get your emails and/or phone numbers for use is by generating a report.

You can specify criteria for the list and click to generate a CSV file.  The output file will contain the real email addresses for those customers that have them.

Should I download a full list of my customers for my own records?

Absolutely.  In fact we recommend everyone do this who gets an Appends.  These records are your goldmine.  Even if you leave Bullfrog Data or even Amazon, having your customer data is like an insurance policy.  It could be the foundation for any new business you build, or possibly increase the value of your business if you ever sell it.

Under Generate Customer List, just click on Generate without specifying anything, and you will get a list of your entire database.

If you’re on a Subscription plan we recommend generating a new list each month to make a file of all customers up to that point.

How “good” are the good emails?

When we say “good emails” we mean emails that have been cleaned and verified.  The emails we return have gone through a multi-step cleaning process, including an email address verification, where a “handshake” is sent to the recipient to make sure it’s a real email address. Many of the sellers of appends services out there have databases that contain harvested data, which is an absolute no-no. Average hard bounce rates on their data is much, much higher, which is another factor to consider.

When we say we have a success rate of 45-50% that’s verified, good emails.

No duplicates are ever processed.

What are some things I can do with my new real emails?

Good question!  Having real emails for your customers opens up all sorts of possibilities.  In addition to being a good insurance policy, there are many marketing opportunities when you have an actual email address.  Most commonly, customers are using them to create custom audiences in Facebook and Google Adwords, and also for email marketing, of course. There is a lot of information on these subjects elsewhere, so we won’t go into too much detail here. But here are some ideas for you.

With a real email address you can send an email, do an email campaign, etc. But did you know there are also some amazing things you can do with real email addresses in Google and on Facebook?  Specifically creating custom groups in Google and using Facebook’s targeted marketing campaigns.  Check it out:

Google offers:

  • Similar Audiences


  • Customer Match


And Facebook offers:

  • Custom Audiences


  • Lookalike Audiences


  • Offline Events


Each of those open up whole new opportunities for marketing with your newly acquired real emails.

What About Amazon’s TOS?

Well, it’s a question we hear with regularity. All we can say is that in the years we’ve been doing this, we’ve never heard of one single incident where someone’s Amazon account was affected.  And maybe that’s because:

  1. Amazon doesn’t want attempts at promotions to drive customers to go outside of their platform, using their email service.
  2. We don’t use any of the Amazon customer info for the email appends and we could literally email append out of the “phone book” if we wanted to.  No proprietary Amazon info is being used whatsoever.  We only use the first and last name, and the physical address.
  3. Most customers use the emails to create custom audiences on Facebook, because with the email you get a much better match rate – upwards of 90%.  And that advertising drives traffic to Amazon listings, therefore helping Amazon as well.

But, with all that being said, even if we have never heard of any issues, we are all playing in Amazon’s sandbox and they can do whatever they want. 

Why choose Bullfrog Data’s Email Appends Service?

There are several considerations:

  1. Most other services have significant minimum costs per email append.
  2. We run your appends through more than one service provider partner to get a much higher match rate and a higher quality of list. 
  3. We host the databases for you and allow exports based on ASINs, SKUs and time periods.  This makes it easy to use your emails in a variety of ways.
  4. We clean up the (quite messy) data from Amazon.  This saves a lot of time you’d have to spend if you were doing this yourself.
  5. We run the append process daily for you (on the subscription plans), which allows you to follow up on these while they are fresh and most responsive. Doing that with other services with minimums would end up costing far more, and would involve a lot of manual work on your part.
  6. Our cleaning and verification process of the data is second to none. Quality of data is of utmost importance to us
  7. The process automates it for you and makes it extremely easy to do.