Now you can take control of your brand expansion without the fear of Amazon changing algorithms, shutting down your account, or cutting off outside sellers altogether.

Bullfrog Data fills the holes in your customer information, getting you their REAL email address, phone number, first name and their street level address.

At Bullfrog Data, we help you get around these restrictions. We can find the real email address and contact info for your customers. It’s called “Appends”. You give us your Amazon transactions, and we give you back high quality, scrubbed and cleaned email addresses and phone numbers — at about a 50% success rate.

(For those of you counting, that’s 500 good emails for every 1,000 customers.)

“We have used the email append (Real Emails) service for over 3 years to grow our company email audience. This service has allowed us to create a personal relationship with our Amazon customers, that we can then leverage to grow sales, answer questions and even spike rank for specific keywords.

We grow our Amazon businesses to sell to investors. Having our own email audience adds value to our company, which therefore earns us a higher multiple when we exit the business.”

Leah Cupps | Amazon Seller

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Email Marketing

Create email marketing campaigns that help you establish brand loyalty. Send out recurring newsletters, let your existing customers know about new product launches or even sales you’re having.

Facebook Advertising

Use your customer email addresses and phone numbers to create custom Facebook audiences, look-a-like campaigns, retargeting ads and more…

Increase your Business Valuation

Some Amazon businesses run into the hurdle of building traditional business value when looking to sell. Having an established customer database adds value and is perceived as an asset of long term value. Don’t wait to make this a reality.

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As a seller on Amazon, getting real-world email addresses for our customers from Bullfrog Data has made a huge difference in our business.  We have been able to build up an active email list of over 100,000 customers, each getting our bi-weekly newsletter.

This allows us to frequently boost our Amazon sales with special offers and allows us to launch new products with much less effort.  And it helped immensely in building very responsive audiences on Facebook.

Philip Jepsen | Amazon Seller & CEO ManageByStats

Currently we have partnered up with ManageByStats, and if you have a ManageByStats account, you can easily migrate your transaction data to Bullfrog Data so we can find your customers for you, and get you real emails and phone numbers for about 50% of your customer list.

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