Why us?

The executive team behind Bullfrog Data has decades of experience with data enhancement services and customer demographic data. Bullfrog Data might be a fairly new endeavour, specifically created to service the Amazon Seller community, but the team behind it are far from new to the business. We will have features and services aimed at Amazon Sellers, but they are not limited only to Amazon Sellers.

We are starting out with providing Email & Phone Number Appends (US market only), which is a service that help expand email marketing campaigns and social media marketing for businesses by adding real email addresses and phone numbers to customer records (“appending” that information). It can often be a question of employees simply forgetting to ask for an email address, or it’s overlooked in the sales process, or the sales channel (as for Amazon Sellers for example) simply doesn’t provide this information.

When you join us as a customer, you will find that we are all about great customer service and high quality products and services. We hope to see you as one of our customers!